This boat trip takes you through some stunning scenery as you loop around the Rosneath Peninsula, passing Kilcreggan, and then head north up Loch Long. Coulport RNAD Depot comes up shortly on our right-hand side – the storage & loading facility for Trident nuclear warheads, and one of the most sensitive, hidden, and well-guarded defence facilities in the UK.  Just beyond that, opposite the entrance to Loch Goil, we come to Finnart Oil Terminal.  Crude oil travels from here by pipeline across Scotland to Grangemouth. Heading further north, we reach Glen Mallan jetty, where the loch is deep enough to allow aircraft carriers to berth against the shore. The new Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier docked here in July 2023. We will return by the same route, giving you the opportunity to appreciate more fully the impressive scenery surrounding you on all sides.