On this 2 hour trip, you will travel from Rhu Marina across to Greenock, past the Tail O’ The Bank, getting a close up view of the main cruise liner terminal in Greenock, and the container ship dock. You will see how wide and quite how shallow the Clyde is at this point as you travel east up the narrow dredged channel, passing James Watt Dock and Great Harbour, two of the original docks that made Greenock famous. When we reach Port Glasgow, you will see the last remaining shipyard on the lower Clyde, Ferguson Marine, and its two partially completed CalMac ferries that have been much in the news recently, before we return and circle the Sugar Boat Wreck on the way back. You can focus on the sights and the history, or you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the fresh sea air. Truly, a trip with a difference.