This trip is two hours of pure escapism. Leave your everyday life behind as you step onto the boat and just live in the now. Realise you don’t need to go anywhere specific or do anything other than enjoy the moment. Concentrate on your senses. Can you smell the sea? Can you feel the air/sun/rain/spray on your skin? What can you hear? Can you sense the motion of the waves as they pass under the boat? What can you see? Seals? Ferries? Seabirds (can you identify them? We can help). Porpoises? Channel Buoys? Minehunters? Submarines? Leisure yachts? Dolphins? Isolated danger mark? The Waverley paddlesteamer? Tankers? Motorboats? Each trip is different. Put yourself in the hands of our experienced skipper. Sit quietly in the fresh sea air, sipping your complimentary cup of tea or coffee, enjoying the local Helensburgh tablet, savour the moment, and just BREATHE.